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-   That we will see the revival in the Mexico border area that we feel God has promised to bring to heal the land of Mexico and restore his people and change the spiritual climate leading to the return of the mission and compassion work that stopped since the violence escalated there.
-   Wisdom for the leadership team of OBC including the board and staff as we build the pipeline to believe God to multiply the impact we can have in the lives of those in extreme poverty.
-   For God to connect us with new churches, businesses, organizations, and individuals in partnering with us to help those on the frontlines of ministry to those in extreme poverty in many nations to reach their redemptive potential.
-   The blessing of God on an interview for the 700 Club, on March 14, where we will have the opportunity to share the vision of OBC and promote the book, "Kissing the Face of God."
-   The preparations for and the calling for this summer's Extreme Mission event for teens and adults in Casas Grandes, Mexico.
-   For God to use and anoint Heartbeats (our prayer letter) that has the potential of bringing over 400 prayer warriors around the world in agreement in prayer for the nations each week.
-   The efforts of Casa de Pan, the work with Ptr. Elias, Noemi, Vicky, and Maria as they bring physical and spiritual bread to hundreds in Anapra and among the Tarahumara Indian village.
-   Jason, Chris, Andy, Melanie, David, and Erica as they travel to Zambia to minister at the Good Samaritan School for orphans and host a special outreach to provide P.E.T.’s (personal energy transports), as well as to minister and strengthen our Beautiful Feet evangelists in the Luapula and Northern provinces of Zambia.
-   Sue Yeager will be visiting a refugee camp in Thailand along the Myanmar border to minister and help establish another hope center in that area this month.
-   Dale's trip to Torreon March 21-23. Grace to encourage Larry and Kim Flatham - missionaries that we feel called to support who are leading youth programs in a dangerous area of the city.
-   That the children we are reaching around the world, especially in the difficult and distant reaches, would experience the great love of God, sense His smile upon their lives, and that they would come to understand His plan and purpose for their lives in this generation.
-   For favor on our outreach efforts to the disabled community in and around Kazembe, Zambia and for our partnerships in these efforts: Vineyard of Canon City, CO, New Life Zambia, PET International.
-   For Joseph & Maggie Chikumbi. They need some physical health breakthroughs, as well as direction and strength as they minister to over 400 orphans and vulnerable children at Good Samaritan School.
-   For Zacharia Mwansa and his family. Anointing, protection and wisdom as he leads and expands Beautiful Feet in Zambia and the Central Southern Africa region
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