P.E.T Outreach 2012  (Kazembe, Zambia)
P.E.T Project 2012
$3,000  project goal
73.46%  currently funded
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Project Overview
In partnership with the Good Samaritan School in Kazambe, Zambia, One Billion Care has helped some of the most isolated people in the community – those who are disabled. We have identified 25 children who have varying degrees of disability. With the help of PET International, we will be able to provide a PET (personal energy transport) to these children.

Project History
Joseph and Maggie Chikumbi have been serving as pastors and leaders for 15 years. Both Joseph and Maggie have physical disabilities, and yet they press forward with a passion and humility that is an inspiration to all they serve.

Project Vision
Joseph and Maggie are very much connected to the disabled community, and have a passion to resource these forgotten people. In April 2012, One Billion Care will sponsor another PET outreach, specifically targeting children who have limited mobility. We will also find out how lives have changed, as a result of our PET outreach in 2010. We are excited to report back to you the results.

P.E.T Outreach
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Maggie Chikumbi

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