Proclaimer Audio Bibles  (Kazembe, Zambia)
Proclaimer Audio Bibles 2012
$1,500  project goal
66.66%  currently funded
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Project Overview
As a part of our Beautiful Feet Evangelism Project, we equip rural bush Pastors and other ministry partners with Solar-Powered Proclaimer Audio Bibles. These Bibles are invaluable tools as these evangelists reach people who may have never heard the Good News, who are illiterate, visibly handicapped, or who simply don’t own their own Bibles. We like to say that Proclaimers make God’s living Word accessible to everyone!

Project History
We get these amazing ministry tools from our dear friends at Faith Comes By Hearing, and since we began our partnership with FCBH in 2008, we have since placed over 200 of these Proclaimers in multiple countries including: Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Honduras, the Philippines, Tanzania, Thailand, Zambia.

Project Vision
Proclaimer Audio Bibles are either placed with long-term ministry partners or with evangelists who have been selected and trained by our evangelism key leader, Zacharia Mwansa. We hold trainings on how to use and get the most out of a Proclaimer listening group, we provide discipleship training materials, and a commissioning certificate to each evangelist, validating his or her ministry, in Jesus name!

For this specific mission trip, the plans for Proclaimer placement is as follows:

3 Bemba language Proclaimers for Good Samaritan School for Orphans & Vulnerable Children Good Samaritan School is one of our main ongoing partnerships in rural Zambia. It is a school where 400 children (mostly orphans and Vulnerable Children receive Christ's love, a simple education, and a simple meal each school day. They would like to implement more Proclaimer audio Bibles into their Bible "classes" and also have multiple different groups who come to the school weekly for Bible study, including a large group of disabled people who don't go to church anywhere else, and they hope to also use Proclaimers for these purposes.

2 Bemba language Proclaimers for Mapalo Vineyard Mapalo is a poor compound of Ndola, Zambia where Pastor Francis Feruka is pastoring a great church. He has multiple small group leaders working regularly to hold Bible studies in the community, which is the setting where he'd most like to use more Proclaimers.

2 Bemba language Proclaimers for New Life Zambia PartnersThis is the ongoing evangelism effort through which we have placed most of the Proclaimers we use in Zambia. The program is expanding to include new leaders in the towns of Samfya and Luanshya and Zacharia Mwansa, the field director of Beautiful Feet has requested these units for new Beautiful Feet evangelism partners

3 Bemba language Proclaimers for Beautiful Feet & 3 English Units for Beautiful FeetWe have also been partnering with an organization called New Life Zambia since 2010. They have provided us with PET hand-cranked Wheelchairs for the disabled people we're reaching out to in the bush, and their field representative said that it would be so helpful to have a few audio Bibles to use at their training center.
2 Bemba language Proclaimers for Seeds of Hope PartnersFor years we have worked with an organization called Seeds of Hope International Partnerships. Their main work is in water and agriculture, but very often the work they do is tied to village churches. They have requested 2 Bemba Proclaimers to send out with their drill teams, who are out in the bush for weeks at a time, and whom they are constantly discipling.

P.E.T Outreach
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