Casa De Pan  (Juarez, Mexico)
$5,200  project goal
19.23%  currently funded
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Project Overview
Casa de Pan (House of Bread) is a ministry in Anapra, Mexico, that seeks to assist families in desperate need for their physical survival, with food assistance. The violence in Mexico, coupled with tough economic times, has left many in the border region struggling to make ends meet.

Casa de Pan has come alongside a local church in Anapra, and is currently helping 24 families with weekly food support. Each family is given food to provide 3 meals per person, per week, for a 3 month period of time. One Billion Care is helping fund the daily meal for these families. We can provide a meal for .20 cents per person.

Project History
Pastor Elias has pastored a church in Canutillo, TX, as well as planted two churches in the Juarez area. In 2011, Pastor Elias and his team were moved to do more for those in the Juarez / Anapra area, who were struggling to meet ends meet. In December, they began construction in the church building in Anapra, where the goods could be stored for Casa de Pan. In January of 2012, Casa de Pan opened its doors, and began providing food for the families in greatest need.

Project Vision
Casa de Pan is in its infancy. In the future, we believe this model will be multiplied to other churches or organizations both in Mexico, and around the world. Because the program is targeted towards specific families, there will be future opportunities to help with other needs, which could include job training, as well as other items needed for daily living.

Juana's Story

Juana is a single mother of nine children. She attends the church in Anapra. Presently, she has no job, and no source of income. Recently, the government has threatened to take her children away, because she is unable to provide for their needs. Casa de Pan is helping Juana in her time of desperate need.

Mari's Story
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