Beautiful Feet Project   (Zambia, Africa)
$13,400  project goal
100%  funded
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Project Overview
Zacharia Mwansa is an evangelist who lives in Zambia, Africa. With the help of One Billion Care, he now has a 4-Wheel Drive Toyota Prado that he can take to the remote areas of Zambia, as well as to neighboring countries in the Central Southern Africa region. Zacharia has been equipped with a solar powered audio / video system, called an Acclaimer, that he uses to show the Jesus film to the Zambian people in their native languages.

Project History
Zacharia Mwansa has been serving as a pastor and an evangelist for over 20 years and is currently overseeing 160 churches throughout Northern Zambia. Along with Zacharia, we began an evangelistic ministry called “Beautiful Feet,” based on Isaiah 52:7. Since 2007, through the showing of the Jesus Film, Zacharia has seen over 70,000 people make decisions to follow Christ. And he is now also overseeing over 100 other Beautiful Feet evangelists who are ministering with Proclaimer Solar-Powered Audio Bibles in their home villages and districts.

Project Vision
Zacharia is in the process of planning several film showings for 2012. His vision is to take the Gospel to the most remote regions, and to the most desperate and hurting people in rural Zambia, as well as to places like Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, and Tanzania.

Recent Videos
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