Good Samaritan School  (Kazembe, Zambia)
$6,600  project goal
50.0%  currently funded
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Project Overview
The Good Samaritan School in Kazembe, Zambia is serving 400 orphans and vulnerable children in the remote Luapula Province. Each weekday, the children receive spiritual mentoring and a basic education
As a part of their day, the School also provides a meal to each child. One Billion Care is helping fund the daily meal, for these 400 children. The primary meal that is served consists of nshima (a cornmeal product) and a local vegetable such as pumpkin leaves or greens.

Project History
Joseph and Maggie Chikumbi have been serving as pastors and teachers for over 15 years. Both Joseph and Maggie have physical disabilities, and yet they press forward with a passion, joy, and humility that is an inspiration to all they serve. We call them models of Christ’s compassion.

Project Vision
The Chikumbi’s seek to provide care for these dear children’s physical, emotional, and even financial needs. Many of the children are homeless, live in child-headed households, and are from extremely desperate situations. Their physical health is often sub-standard, and a number of them are HIV positive. Joseph and Maggie aim to provide a nutritious meal to the children they serve. Many of these children rely on this one daily meal for their sustenance. Without adequate nutrition, the children are less prepared for their studies, and for their responsibilities at home and just simply, can’t be kids.

Future Plans
Joseph and Maggie are always looking for new and exciting ways to teach the children, and they would also like to complete the concrete fence that they have begun to build, to enclose their acreage. This fence would protect Good Samaritan’s gardens and property against roaming goats as well as thieves, and would allow for future vocational training, and even a chicken run project.

Additionally, most of the children are unable to continue their education beyond the 7th grade, due to the fees required to attend a government school. One Billion Care is working with the Chikumbi's to explore how we can further help support these children, so that they can receive the education they need to help lead their families, and their community out of extreme poverty.

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